India, mother Ganges

The Ganges occupies a unique place in history. Is there any river as associated with its country as the Ganges is with India? Is there any river more loved by its people than the Ganges by the Indians? For a long time, everyone considered the Ganges as the River of the World. In Ancient times – as far back as the 5th century BC – Ctesias, a Greek historian in the Persian court who worked for Darius, wrote a holy river « bearing all kinds of good things » ». […] I am no exception. Every time I travel trough India, I am under its spell. The Ganges remains for me only one of many enigmas and remains cloaked in mystery. »


Textes en anglais. 

Lors de ses nombreuses pérégrinations à travers l’Inde, le Gange a fasciné Alain Carayol par cette réalité humaine si contrastée. 
Du haut de ses sources himalayennes jusqu’au delta proche de Calcutta, le fleuve reste enveloppé de mystères : Ganga, Ganga, holy river, Ganga Ma !


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